Pitched Tile Roof Mounting System

Designed to facilitate solar mounting system installations on sloped residential flat tile roofs or curved roofs, our pitched tile roof mounting system offers a seamless solution that prioritizes the aesthetics of your building.

We understand the importance of maintaining the visual appeal of your roofline.

Our systems are carefully designed to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding tiles, minimizing any disruption to the overall appearance of your roof.

Pitched Tile Roof Mounting System Description

The pitched tile roof mounting system is a specialized mounting solution designed specifically for the installation of solar panels on pitched or sloped tile roofs.

This mounting system typically consists of various components, including roof hooks, rails, clamps, and fasteners.

It provides a secure and reliable method of attaching solar panels to the roof while ensuring the integrity and aesthetics of the tile surface.

Pitched Tile Roof Mounting System

Advantages of our Mounting System

Accommodate a wide range of tile types and sizes

Whether you have clay tiles, concrete tiles, or other specialty tiles, our hooks provide a secure and reliable attachment point. Say goodbye to worries about tile damage or instability during installation, as our hooks are specifically tailored to fit your specific tile type and size.

A perfect fit for Roof Pitch and Orientation

With our system, you can effortlessly install solar panels on roofs with varying pitches and orientations. Our system offers flexibility and adaptability, ensuring a perfect fit regardless of your roof's configuration. Whether your roof is flat, sloped, or steeply pitched, our system is designed to maintain a strong and secure connection, providing a stable foundation for your solar panels.

A robust and durable mounting system

Our systems are engineered to handle heavy loads, providing exceptional weight capacity for your solar panels. With their sturdy construction and reliable performance, you can confidently install even larger or multiple solar panels without compromising the integrity of your roof.

Withstand various wind and weather conditions

Your roof faces the elements year-round, and we've taken that into account. Our tile systems are built to withstand various wind and weather conditions. Engineered with durability and resilience in mind, our systems are designed to resist the forces of wind, ensuring that your solar panels stay securely in place, even during gusty conditions. Additionally, our systems are weather-resistant, offering excellent protection against rain, snow, and other harsh weather elements.


Installation Site

Pitched Tile Roof

Applicable Module

With or without Frame


Aluminum & Stainless Steel

Surface Treatment


Tilt Angle

0~60 degree

Wind Load

60 m/s

Snow Load

1.4 KN / M 2


10 years

Designed Lifespan

 25 years

Pitched Tile Roof Mounting System installation

Step 1: Begin by gently pushing up or removing the roof tiles at the designated installation points to create access for the solar panel system.


Step 2: Secure the roof hooks in the designated locations. Ensure proper alignment and fasten them securely to the roof structure.


Step 3: Carefully reinstall the roof tiles, making sure they are correctly positioned and aligned to maintain the aesthetics of the roof.


Step 4: Arrange and distribute the base rails across the roof surface according to the installation plan. Ensure they are positioned securely and evenly spaced.


Step 5: Connect the individual base rails together to form a continuous rail system. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific method of connection and ensure a solid and reliable connection.


Step 6: From the outside, slide the end caps onto the ends of the base rails. Ensure a secure fit to protect the rail ends and provide a finished appearance.


Step 7: Install the Clickstone by pushing it down onto the base rail. Listen for the clicking sound, indicating a proper and secure connection between the Clickstone and the base rail.


Step 8: Install the solar modules (panels) onto the base rails one by one, following the predetermined layout and alignment. Take care to position each module securely and maintain the desired spacing between them.


Step 9: Fasten the modules on the outer side using the appropriate mounting hardware. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure proper attachment and structural integrity.

Pitched Tile Roof Mounting System
Pitched Tile Roof Mounting System

Mounting System FAQ

Can A Pitched Tile Roof Mounting System Be Installed On Different Types Of Tile Roofs?

Yes, our pitched tile roof mounting system is designed to be compatible with various types of tile roofs, including clay tiles, concrete tiles, and even specialty tiles.

How Does The Mounting Brackets For Tile Roof Mounting System Ensure The Stability Of Solar Panels?

Our mounting system features sturdy hooks that are securely fastened to the roof structure, providing a stable foundation for the solar panels. Additionally, the system includes rails and clamps that firmly hold the panels in place, preventing movement or displacement.

Is The Pitched Tile Roof Mounting System Adjustable To Accommodate Different Roof Pitches?

Yes, our mounting system is designed with adjustable components, allowing for flexibility in adapting to different roof pitches. This ensures optimal panel orientation and sunlight exposure for maximum energy production.

Will The Installation Of The Mounting System Damage My Tile Roof?

No, our mounting system is specifically designed to minimize any potential damage to the tile roof. The hooks and fasteners are carefully installed without compromising the integrity or aesthetics of the tiles.

Can The Pitched Tile Roof Mounting System Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions?

Yes, our mounting system is engineered to withstand various weather conditions, including strong winds, heavy rainfall, and even snow loads. It is designed to provide long-lasting durability and reliability.

Is The Tile Roof Mounting System Compatible With Different Sizes Of Solar Panels?

Yes, our mounting system is designed to accommodate a range of solar panel sizes. It is important to ensure proper alignment and spacing between panels during installation.

Will The Roof Mounting System For Tile Roof Affect The Overall Appearance Of My Roof?

Our mounting system is designed to be as discreet as possible, minimizing the visual impact on the roof’s aesthetics. The installation is carefully done to maintain the original charm and appeal of your tile roof.

Can The Tile Roof Mounting Bracket Be Installed By A Homeowner Or Requires Professional Assistance?

While some homeowners with DIY experience may be able to install the system themselves, it is recommended to seek professional assistance to ensure a proper and safe installation, especially considering the complexity of working on a roof.

Is The Tile Roof Mounting Bracket Compatible With Additional Roof Accessories Like Skylights Or Vents?

Yes, our mounting system can be configured to work around existing roof accessories like skylights or vents. It can be customized to fit the specific requirements of your roof layout.

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